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Can gambling losses make law-abiding people commit crimes?

slotmachine.jpg CT June 25, 2018 At first, they steal modest sums of money from companies or organizations. But as time passes, they become emboldened and the embezzlements increase in size and frequency — sometimes to staggering six-figure levels. These thefts, which are fueled by gambling addictions, may start small but they often lead to felony convictions, massive amounts of restitution and, in some cases, time behind bars. Last week, for example, a 59-year-old Kaukauna woman was sentenced in federal court to 13 months in prison and was ordered to pay $98,711 in restitution for embezzling from United Steelworkers Local 2, where she was the treasurer. The woman told investigators that she spent “a considerable portion of the funds … at local casinos.” RELATED:  $832,000 theft from church collections is latest gambling-related embezzlement It was the latest example in Wisconsin of an embezzlement tied to gambling. Charges have been filed in several cases, including a theft of more than $800,000 from church collections in La Crosse County in the fall of 2017 and a series of thefts in the Fox Valley, including a pair in the $500,000 range. Beyond that are embezzlements in the $10,000 to $20,000 range that can cripple a smaller organization. “It seems like every year we hear of several of them,” said Rose Blozinski, executive director of the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling. “I’m not sure if it’s getting worse or if it’s coming to the surface more than it has.” Blozinski said those with access to company funds don’t necessarily plot to steal money, but sometimes run out of options when out-of-control gambling creates a financial hardship. “What happens is that the gambling addiction gets worse and they run out of legal things to do, and they turn to illegal things,” she said, citing a finding from a study by the National Council on Problem Gambling that 63 percent of compulsive gamblers commit a crime as part of their addiction.

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